Contemporary Choir Collection (3-disc set)

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Contemporary Choir features the music of Jake Runestad, Reena Esmail, Nico Muhly, Craig Hella Johnson, and Kile Smith.

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The Singing Guitar (2020)

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A Chicago Tribune Best Classical Recording of 2020, A WRTI Best of 2020 Album, Apple Music Featured New Album, and Qobuz Grand Selection.

“The singing of Craig Hella Johnson’s ensemble Conspirare combined with the delicacy of shifting textures of twelve guitars is intriguing and emotionally effective. … I found this a really moving setting for an unusual ensemble. You’ll find it alongside other new pieces for choir and guitar quartet.” – Andrew McGregor, BBC Record Review

“Johnson and Conspirare continue to create indelible work, as in “The Singing Guitar,” which pairs Conspirare’s sublime voices with guitar accompaniment. The melismatic chant of Reena Esmail’s “When the Guitar,” the poignant tone painting of Nicol Muhly’s “How Little You Are,” and the storytelling character of Kile Smith’s “The Dawn’s Early Light” illuminate Conspirare’s versatility and singular sound.” – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

Track Listing:

  1. When the Guitar (Reena Esmail)
  2. How Little You Are (Nico Muhly)
    • We washed our faces at the spring
    • Do you remember
    • A long-drawn wail
    • Interlude: Springtime
    • How little you are
    • The night herders
  3. The Dawn’s Early Light (Kile Smith)
    • I, Sarah Winnemucca
    • My grandfather jumped up
    • While they were fishing
    • The Paiutes are not fond of going to war
    • The Star-Spangled Banner
    • I shall be beautiful
  4. The Song That I Came To Sing (CHJ)

Recorded November 4-November 6, 2019 at St. Luke’s Methodist Church, Houston, TX

Release Date: 09/18/2020
Label: Delos Productions, Inc.
The Hope of Loving (2019)

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“Runestad…has a particular knack for marrying powerful music to texts that speak to some of the most pressing and moving issues of our time.” -Star Tribune

Track Listing:

  1. Waves
  2. American Triptych: No. 1, Reflections
  3. American Triptych: No. 2, The Peace of Wild Things
  4. American Triptych: No. 3, Come to the Woods
  5. Why the Caged Bird Sings
  6. Spirited Light
  7. Let My Love Be Heard (Version for Choir)
  8. And So I Go On
  9. The Hope of Loving: No. 1, Yield to Love
  10. The Hope of Loving: No. 2, Wild Forces
  11. The Hope of Loving: No. 3, Wondrous Creatures
  12. The Hope of Loving: No. 4, The Heart’s Veil
  13. The Hope of Loving: No. 5, My Soul Is a Candle
  14. The Hope of Loving: No. 6, The Hope of Loving
  15. Into the Light: No. 4, Flower into Kindness

Recorded January 20-January 22, 2019 at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church

Release Date: 08/09/2019
Label: Delos Productions, Inc.


Robert Kyr (2014)

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“A powerful new achievement in American music that vividly traces a journey from despair to transcendence.” — The Wall Street Journal, concert review

Track Listing:

  1. THE SINGER’S ODE (2012)



  1. I. Unknowing
  2. II. Fearing
  3. III. Forgetting
  4. IV. Longing


  1. I. Waiting
  2. II. Thinking
  3. III. Beseeching
  4. IV. Piercing
  5. V. Surrendering
  6. VI. Enduring


  1. I. Descending: From the Abyss
  2. II. Venturing: On a Dark Night
  3. III. Hoping: Toward Dawn
  4. IV. Transforming: Beloved into Lover
  5. V. Arising: A Time for Song
  6. VI. Uniting: Leaving My Cares
  7. VII. Transcending: And Love Remains

Harmonia Mundi 807577 – 76’48”

Recorded June 2013 at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Performing Arts Center, Corpus Christi, TX


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