Welcome to Conspirare! We sing life.

All are welcome here. We are a community who loves to gather with others who love music. As Austin’s GRAMMY® Award-winning choir, we are a choir of the best soloists from around the country that create extraordinary musical experiences and world-class choral performances and recordings.

We are a community who envisions a world of compassion and understanding, and we find belonging in gathering with each other.  We are inspired by the power of music to heal, connect, and transform lives. We’re proud to commission and share music by diverse composers and perform classics that take listeners on a musical journey that speaks to our time, weaving together themes of love, unity, belonging, nature, and spirituality.

But first, you might wonder about our name. Conspirare means “to breathe together” in Latin. If you’re breathing, you’re alive! Breath is the most basic element of song and when singers and listeners breathe together, we co-create our song. (Here’s how we pronounce our name: Con-spear-AWR-ay.)

 We invite you to a performance, to listen any time, and to come sing with us. Most of all, we invite you to find your song!

With joy and gratitude,

Craig Hella Johnson

Founder & Artistic Director

Ann McNair

Managing Director