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"It's a heart opener...


the experience brings life to what’s real – tragedy and joy – and all is surrounded with LOVE.”

 – Conspirare Christmas 2021 Audience Member

"Life-changing, spiritually-moving, emotional, the highest form of artistic expression I have ever known in choral music or in any concert! We come prepared to listen deeply, always receiving the highest level of generosity in art, emotion and love."

– Path of Miracles Audience Member (October 2021)

"Life changing - Who else have I not heard because of the color or their skin or gender? Margaret Bond's music was not like anything I've heard before - and yet had flavors of spirituals, gospel, and classical."

– Margaret Bonds: Credo Audience Member (February 2022)

"The sound of the all those voices and the theme was like medicine for the 'after-times' soul."

– Conspirare Christmas 2021 Audience Member

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