The Joel Brauer Fund for New Music

This special fund is dedicated to commissioning new choral works by leading and upcoming composers.

The Joel Brauer Fund for New Music was established in 2021 so that Conspirare may commission new works of choral music. The fund places Conspirare in the forefront of premiering contemporary choral music created in response to the times we live in and informed by the rich centuries-old tradition of choral music. In this way, Conspirare is helping to create tomorrow’s choral classics today.

New Choral Works

The Joel Brauer Fund for New Music has commissioned the following works:

  • “To Be Known” by Jocelyn Hagen (b. 1980) premiered October 7, 2022 as part of Hear Me Out
  • “You Through Me” by Alex Berko (b. 1995) premiered October 8, 2022 as part of Hear Me Out
  • “Sacred Place” by Alex Berko (b. 1995) will premiere March 31, 2023 as part of The Muse Speaks: House of Belonging

The first concert-length commission will be from internationally acclaimed composer Joby Talbot. The premiere is planned for Conspirare’s 2024-25 season.

Mary Delk and Alex Berko at Hear Me Out, after the premiere of his piece, “You Through Me”.

About the Joel Brauer Fund

The Joel Brauer Fund for New Music: New Works Created for Inspiration, Unity and Abiding Love was created through a gift from Mary and Phil Delk in honor of Mary’s brother Joel, a Lutheran minister and life-long lover of choral music. The Joel Brauer Fund will enable Conspirare to commission new works, particularly concert-length pieces. Conspirare will seek out highly qualified, diverse contributors including composers and authors and nurture their work.

Conspirare believes in the integrity and power of new music and its place in vast choral repertoire. Conspirare is honored to partner with the Delk family to establish the Joel Brauer Fund for New Music, ensuring Conspirare is positioned at the forefront of commissioning. The music created by the fund builds on Conspirare’s 20+ year history of commissioning, performing,  recording, and advocating for choral works that reach a worldwide audience. Previously commissioned composers include Andrea Clearfield, Reena Esmail, Donald Grantham, Jocelyn Hagen, Ted Hearne, Robert Kyr, Kevin Puts, Jake Runestad, and Kile Smith.

“All music was new at one time,” Craig Hella Johnson, Conspirare’s artistic director, says. “The Joel Brauer Fund for New Music embodies the values of wonder, acceptance, love, and communion that Joel lived by. With this gift, we will expand our capacity to regularly commission and perform new choral music and contribute to contemporary choral music available to choirs around the world.”

To learn more about how to join the Delk and Brauer families in contributing funding for new works, please reach out to Ann McNair at (512) 476-5775.