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Your generosity makes you a co-creator of the songs, stories, and hope that Conspirare creates in our global community.

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Hella Circle

Hella Circle is a community of supporters who believe in the transformative power of music. Inspired by the visionary performances, recordings, and special projects of Conspirare, Hella Circle members are joined by their commitment to sustained support of Conspirare.

Funds & Initiatives

To accomplish specific strategic goals, Conspirare sometimes creates fundraising initiatives that offer donors a chance to express their generosity in particularly impactful ways. Learn about such initiatives here or contact our development team with your ideas at

Become an Ambassador

Conspirare offers a variety of opportunities for individuals and corporations to join its musical circle through gifts of time, energy, and talent.

Concert ambassadors serve as ticket scanners, ushers, and CD sellers at performances. Office volunteers work at Conspirare headquarters on special projects such as music library upkeep, archiving press clippings, and yes, stuffing envelopes. Hosting volunteers house out-of-town Conspirare singers and instrumentalists during concert series.

Volunteer roles are assigned according to interests and skills, and training is provided as needed. Send us an email to find out how you can be a part of the circle of Conspirare.

Featured Conspirare Ambassador

Becky Miller

I was introduced to Conspirare by Rick Gabrillo back in 2003 when I joined the Clint Small Middle School Parent and Faculty choir for a Christmas Concert. Rick invited me to audition for the Symphonic Choir and I’ve joyfully been a part of Conspirare ever since. I remember my first rehearsal, thinking “These people are amazing! How did I get in???” It has truly been a fantastic opportunity to sing gorgeous music with a fabulous conductor! I have learned more than I would ever have thought possible and I’m completely spoiled having worked with Craig. I can’t imagine a better conductor anywhere in the world!

My dad was a wonderful, self-taught musician and I grew up learning to sing harmony with him on family vacations. Back then, we didn’t have the luxury of FM radio so we had to entertain ourselves on those long road trips. I sang with the church choir as well as with a small ensemble in high school. A few years later, I traveled the country for about a year with a musical/acting group, performing in churches, schools and on military bases. I also had the opportunity to sing with various bands – country, rock-n-roll, and jazz – but Conspirare was my first introduction to beautiful, challenging, and inspiring choral music and I’ve been blessed immeasurably by the experience.

I started volunteering as an ambassador in 2019. We live in difficult and divisive times but I believe that music is a critical and fundamental way of bringing people together. Volunteering as an ambassador allows me to have a small part in bringing that joy and healing to our community in a way I could never do on my own and I expect to continue as long as possible.