Considering Matthew Shepard (GRAMMY®-Nominated)

A New Work by Craig Hella Johnson

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Nominated for Best Surround Sound Album Grammy
12.06.16 press release

Conspirare / Craig Hella Johnson
2-disc set


Conspirare ensemble and Conspirare soloists with small instrumental ensemble perform a concert-length work by Craig Hella Johnson. Texts by Lesléa Newman, Hafiz, Hildegard von Bingen, Michael Dennis Browne, and others.

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Harmonia Mundi HMU 807638 – 1hr 45' 26"


Conspirare performs a full-length work by Craig Hella Johnson, a musical response to the tragic death of a young man who has become an American icon and a symbol for hope and empowerment.

Many Conspirare singers are featured as soloists, and the vocal group is joined by a small ensemble of strings, piano (Craig Hella Johnson), guitar, clarinet, and percussion.

Track Listing:


  1. Prologue: Cattle, Horses, Sky and Grass
  2. Prologue: Ordinary Boy
  3. Prologue: We Tell Each Other Stories
  4. Passion: Recitation I
  5. Passion: The Fence (Before)
  6. Passion: Recitation II
  7. Passion: The Fence (That Night)
  8. Passion: Recitation III
  9. Passion: A Protestor
  10. Passion: Keep it Away From Me (The Wound of Love)
  11. Passion: Recitation IV
  12. Passion: Fire of the Ancient Heart
  13. Passion: Recitation V
  14. Passion: Stray Birds
  15. Passion: We Are All Sons (Part 1)
  16. Passion: I Am Like You / We Are All Sons (Part 2)
  17. Passion: The Innocence


  1. Passion: Recitation VI
  2. Passion: The Fence (One Week Later)
  3. Passion: Recitation VII
  4. Passion: Stars
  5. Passion: Recitation VIII
  6. Passion: In Need of Breath
  7. Passion: Gently Rest (Deer Lullaby)
  8. Passion: Recitation IX
  9. Passion: Deer Song
  10. Passion: Recitation X
  11. Passion: The Fence (After) / The Wind
  12. Passion: Pilgrimage
  13. Epilogue: Meet Me Here
  14. Epilogue: Thank You
  15. Epilogue: All of Us
  16. Epilogue: Cattle, Horses, Sky and Grass (Reprise)
Release Date: 09/09/2016
Catalog Number: HMU 807638

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