The Hope of Loving – GRAMMY®-Nominated!


The beautiful, socially conscious choral works of Jake Runestad take center stage in Conspirare’s latest recording. Runestad’s commitment to musically potent and well-crafted compositions aligns with current cultural questions about race, gender, orientation, and psychological challenges related to suicide and gun violence. The album sets texts from authors including Hildegard von Bingen, John Muir, Todd Boss, Rabia, Tagore and Hafiz. Runestad’s choral settings are embraced by listeners of all ages.

“Runestad…has a particular knack for marrying powerful music to texts that speak to some of the most pressing and moving issues of our time.” -Star Tribune

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Track Listing:

  1. Waves
  2. American Triptych: No. 1, Reflections
  3. American Triptych: No. 2, The Peace of Wild Things
  4. American Triptych: No. 3, Come to the Woods
  5. Why the Caged Bird Sings
  6. Spirited Light
  7. Let My Love Be Heard (Version for Choir)
  8. And So I Go On
  9. The Hope of Loving: No. 1, Yield to Love
  10. The Hope of Loving: No. 2, Wild Forces
  11. The Hope of Loving: No. 3, Wondrous Creatures
  12. The Hope of Loving: No. 4, The Heart's Veil
  13. The Hope of Loving: No. 5, My Soul Is a Candle
  14. The Hope of Loving: No. 6, The Hope of Loving
  15. Into the Light: No. 4, Flower into Kindness

Recorded January 20-January 22, 2019 at St. Martin's Lutheran Church

Release Date: 08/09/2019
Label: Delos Productions, Inc.
Catalog Number: DE 3578

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