Conspirare Artist Citizen Choral Collective

This new choir, formed in Fall 2023, gathers local educators and singers to co-create a choral culture through exploring a variety of music and vocal sounds, community involvement, engaging rehearsals, and high-level performance.

Photo credit: Jessica Mims

“Singing in this choir gives me an opportunity to practice creative expression so that I can educate my students on best practices in their choral experiences. Being in a choir that focuses on educators prioritizes the roles choral singing has in our community to provide opportunities for new experiences for our audiences and participants. We teach and learn through choral singing.”
Curtis White, Bass


Hailey Arnold

Kellie Bledsoe

Lillian Boessen

Susan Fernandez

Jen Hart

Margaret Henderson

Michel Kennell

Kayla O’Malley

Adrienne Pedrotti Bingamon

Daniela Rodriguez-Firmani

Krystina Speegle

Chris Vineis

Katie Vukovics

Jennifer Wang

Erin Yousef


Ali Carraher

Emily Chandler

Nancy Lesch

Ali Lewis

Laura Martin

Courtney Aguilar

Andrea L. Pobanz

Jenna Quiroz

Katherine White


Lester Tranquilut

Layna Bergstedt

Andre Clark

Jon-Michael N. Eclar

Mark Istratie

Omen Safavi

Nathan Thompson

Curtis White

Steve White

Nathan Wilgeroth


Evan Blaché

Marshall Crenshaw

Rick Gabrillo

Robert Harlan

Austin Hart

Gregory A. Hilliard, Jr.

Matthew Radford

Sam Protich Rives

Clark Stanley

André Trahan

Janson Woodlee

Andy Young

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Conspirare is funded and supported in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts and National Endowment for the Arts.

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